Storm Riders

For nearly seven centuries Peter and Miriam have lived in peaceful anonymity, carefully protecting their secret.  They are riders, each possessing a rare genetic mutation which, once triggered by a near-death experience, enables them to “jump” from their old bodies and “ride” new ones.  Shortly after jumping into their fourteenth generation of hosts, they start new lives in a new location where they unexpectedly encounter another rider, Anwar, a ruthless psychopath with a terrifying history.  When they disrupt his evil plans to gain unprecedented political control, Anwar vows revenge at any cost.

Now running for their lives, Peter and Miriam change their identities and flee south.  Tracked at every turn by one of Anwar’s operatives, they end up in New Orleans, where two storms are bearing down on them.  One is a catastrophic hurricane that threatens to destroy the Crescent City.  The other is the wrath of Anwar, whose sinister obsession with retribution is as boundless as his lust for power.

Packed with suspense, romance, and intriguing historical scenes, Storm Riders is a supernatural thriller of epic scope, pitting the power of undying love against the barbarity of fanatical hate.

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