The Neighborhood


After being shot and nearly blinded while investigating a drug ring, newspaper reporter Dan Hartman decides it is time to leave the dangerous beat on Chicago’s south side for a safer and more lucrative management position in Newsworld magazine’s Atlanta bureau. With his wife and two kids, he moves into a beautiful new neighborhood in the affluent suburbs north of Atlanta. Life is perfect, with a brand new house, a vibrant social life, and neighbors who really seem to care about Dan and his family. But after only a week in this “safe” new job, Dan is eyewitness to a political assassination in a crowded restaurant. At first it seems Dan and his new staff have been given the inside scoop on the kind of story that investigative journalists live for. Instead, it becomes the kind of story they die for.

As Dan and his team dig deeper into the Atlanta murder, they become convinced that the disguised shooter Dan faced in the restaurant was the same man responsible for several other political assassinations thought to be the work of organized crime. The developing story makes Dan a bit of a celebrity among his new neighbors, but he has no way of knowing that one of those neighbors is the killer he is investigating, and casual discussions over cocktails at neighborhood social events are making some very dangerous people very nervous…nervous enough to want him killed.

As people close to him die, Dan quickly realizes that the only way to save himself, his staff and his family is to identify and catch a cold-blooded, professional killer whose deadly career has spanned nearly three decades. What he doesn’t realize is that he won’t have to look far. The killer is right there in the neighborhood.

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